Triathlon Sprint Training

Having a tailored triathlon sprint training can make worlds of difference in your race day performance.

We offer specialized triathlon sprint training that is tailored to your skill level.
Often swimming is the weakest link in triathlons and let us help you have a breakthrough in your swim performance!

Specialized endurance & strength training for your triathlon, so you feel confident and strong in the water! High caliber stroke refinement,so your strokes look & feel unrecognizable!

Your private triathlon sprint training is more effective for learning to swim ten times faster than group lessons because you receive 1 on 1 specialized instruction that is tailored to your needs. Each day you improve dramatically! If you are tired of group lessons and want to invest in the success of your swim segment, we’re the right school for you!

In our multiple 40 minute private triathlon training program format, you’ll improve your strokes and learn to swim more effectively in 5-8 lessons. 8 lessons recommended for optimal results! You’ll also learn about water safety for open water swimming while having fun! Your confidence and strength in the water will improve dramatically!
We successfully train sprint triathletes in our training programs, from beginner to advanced:

  • Offer stroke and time improvement for swim competitors
  • Experience with special needs swimmers
  • Red cross certifications

Private sprint triathlon training programs are taught in the San Jose in both Willow Glen and in Almaden. Willow Glen is recommended because it’s a 25 yard pool and optimal for endurance training. Almaden is private swimming pool.

Specific location details will be sent with welcome materials upon class registration.

Use our sign up page to register for upcoming triathlon sprint training.

Administrative Address: Oakland, CA, 94610
Phone – (415) 672-0219