Level 7: In-Depth Pre-Lifeguarding

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We have now reached the final level of our program here at the Farnsworth Swim School- Level 7! Students who are at this level are very close to being able to complete all their pre-lifeguarding, so that they will be prepared to do their lifeguard training when they are 16 years old. At this point, they are considered very advanced swimmers. These swimmers continue to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Level 6 skills.

They focus on refining all 6 of their strokes and gaining further strength and stamina. Additionally, these students will learn to tread water with a 10-pound brick for 5 minutes, swim with their head out of the water (like in water polo), rescue breathing (AKA mouth-to-mouth), CPR, and actual lifeguarding skills to practice rescues for someone who is passively and actively drowning. All of these skills also constitute as preparation for Eagle Scout training as well.

Now that we have gone through all 9 levels of our program, here is a quick recap:

-Tadpole (Absolute Beginner): Focus is on becoming comfortable in the water.

-Goldfish (Beginner): Focus is on water safety and freestyle and backstroke techniques.

-Level 1 (Advanced Beginner): Focus is on mastery of freestyle and basic water safety.

-Level 2 (Intermediate): Focus is on freestyle and backstroke mastery, as well as the development of safety strokes.

-Level 3 (Stroke Development): Focus is on furthering freestyle and backstroke technique and mastering elementary backstroke.

-Level 4 (Stroke Improvement): Focus is on stroke technique and strength in freestyle and backstroke, as well as mastering breaststroke.

-Level 5 (Stroke refinement): Focus is on stroke technique, efficiency, and stamina for all strokes, as well as mastering butterfly.

-Level 6 (Advanced/Pre-Lifeguarding): Focus is on stamina and efficiency in all strokes as well as advanced water safety and first aid skills.

-Level 7- (More in depth Pre-Lifeguarding lead up skills): Similar to level 6, but more in-depth training on mastering all 6 strokes, stride jump, rescue swims and strokes for lifeguarding and also building stamina.

No matter how much, or how little, swim experience you have, we will meet you where you’re at and will customize your lessons to meet your needs! We can’t wait to work with you this summer and take your swimming skills to a whole new level!

About the Author:

Jaynie Farnsworth is the CEO of the Farnsworth Swim School in San Jose, CA. She is a professional swimmer with over 25 years of experience training all levels of swimming, from absolute beginners to advanced, including swim team, adults & triathletes. Jaynie holds a Master’s Degree in Education & a CA K-8 teaching credential.