Level 6: Advanced/Pre-Lifeguarding Swimming Lessons

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By now, I hope you have a deeper understanding on what swimming levels that the Farnsworth Swim School offers and that we offer lessons from absolute beginner to advanced (age 1-adult). As we go over the last 2 levels in our program, you’ll notice that there is a big emphasis on lifeguarding skills. These students are now considered advanced swimmers and have mastered all 6 strokes. While they will continue to work on advanced techniques and stamina within these strokes, they will begin to focus on skills that will enable them to keep themselves and others safe, in and out of the water.

Level 6 swimmers are expected to be able to swim at least 100 yards of freestyle and backstroke by the end of the level. They are very skilled in both of these strokes and should have perfected their dives, flip turns, and underwater streamline. These students are very strong and can swim continuously for long periods of time (without stopping for up to 30-45 min). These students are also expected to be able to complete at least 50 yards of breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke. They can execute quick and effective turns for all of these strokes, and have mastered the pike, tuck, and feet first surface dives.

Pre-lifeguarding skills are also emphasized at this level that includes stride jumps and lifeguard safety skills. These students will learn how to tread water for at least 5 minutes, and 2 minutes must be completed without the use of their hands. They can now do survival floats, both front and back, for at least 5 minutes. Additionally, they are expected to be able to swim continuously for at least 10 minutes. A new ability that they must demonstrate is self-rescue skills. These swimmers must jump into the water with their clothes on and successfully swim 50 yards. Level 6 students truly are amazing swimmers!

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Jaynie Farnsworth is the CEO of the Farnsworth Swim School in San Jose, CA. She is a professional swimmer with over 25 years of experience training all levels of swimming, from absolute beginners to advanced, including swim team, adults & triathletes. Jaynie holds a Master’s Degree in Education & a CA K-8 teaching credential.