Level 3/Intermediate Swimming Lessons

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When a swimmer reaches Level 3, they begin to work on their stroke development. These students will refine their freestyle and backstroke technique, as well as continue to work on elementary backstroke. They will also be introduced to breaststroke, as well as more advanced water safety skills.

Level 3 swimmers are expected to be able to swim at least 25 yards of both freestyle and backstroke. Once they have this strength and stamina, they are able to work on their stroke technique. For freestyle, the focus moves to high elbows, straight kicks, and the rotation of the body and shoulders. The emphasis within backstroke turns to rolling the hips and shoulders, straight kicks, and hand placement going in and out of the water. All of these skills make the strokes more efficient, allowing the swimmers to move more quickly through the water while using less energy.

After being introduced to elementary backstroke in level 2, level 3 students will master this stroke and will be expected to complete at least 15 yards without any sign of struggle. They will then begin to focus on developing their breaststroke kick utilizing a kickboard. This will also give them the opportunity to learn the timing of their breath. Lastly, these swimmers will be introduced to the breaststroke arm stroke.

Safety skills become more important as swimmers become more advanced and are capable of keeping themselves and others safe. Some of the skills that are introduced in level 3 include reaching assists, using life-jackets in deep water, safe diving rules, survival floats, and the check-call-care first aid protocol.

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