What can I learn in each level?

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Tadpole (Absolute Beginner): Focus is on becoming comfortable in the water. Skills include blowing bubbles, reaching for the wall, kicking and moving arms, and floating on stomach and back.

Goldfish (Beginner): Focus is on water safety and freestyle and backstroke techniques. Skills include freestyle arms and kicks, backstroke arms and kicks, rolling from front to back and back to front, and sitting and knee dives.

Level 1 (Advanced Beginner): Focus is on mastery of freestyle and basic water safety. Skills include longer lengths of freestyle, freestyle side breathing, standing dives, and treading water.

Level 2 (Intermediate): Focus is on freestyle and backstroke mastery, as well as the development of safety strokes. Skills include longer lengths of backstroke, longer front and back glides, greater stamina while treading water, and an introduction to elementary backstroke and sidestroke.

Level 3 (Stroke Development): Focus is on furthering freestyle and backstroke technique and mastering elementary backstroke. Skills include straight kicks for freestyle and backstroke, high elbows and body rotation for freestyle, hand placement and body rotation in backstroke, mastery of breaststroke kick and an introduction to breaststroke arms.

Level 4 (Stroke Improvement): Focus is on stroke technique and strength in freestyle and backstroke, as well as mastering breaststroke. Skills include coordinating breaststroke arms and legs, treading water with eggbeater and an introduction to butterfly arms and kick.

Level 5 (Stroke refinement): Focus is on stroke technique, efficiency, and stamina for all strokes, as well as mastering butterfly. Skills include flip turns, 50+ yards of freestyle and backstroke, 25+ yards of butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke, treading water for 2+ minutes, and rescue breathing.

Level 6 (Advanced/Pre-Lifeguarding): Focus is on stamina and efficiency in all strokes as well as advanced water safety and first aid skills. Skills include 100+ yards of freestyle, 50+ yards of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke, 5+ minutes of treading water, and 10 minute survival swim.

Level 7 (More in depth Pre-Lifeguarding lead up skills): Similar to level 6, but more in depth training on mastering all 6 strokes, stride jump, rescue swims and strokes for lifeguarding and also building stamina. They have to tread water while holding a 10 pound brick for 5 min.

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