How many weeks of lessons should my child attend?

 How many weeks of lessons should my child attend?

While every student is different, we recommend that students attend lessons for at least 8 days. It is important that a student has at least 8 days of instruction because of the progression of our program, as well as the complexity of learning to swim and or for someone who wants to dramatically improve their strokes. Each day, new techniques and skills are taught and built upon. Therefore, the more lessons a student receives, the more opportunities they have to progress.

For our younger students still mastering water safety and basic swimming skills, we recommend closer to 3 weeks of lessons. With these children, it is essential that they develop the muscle memory and breathing techniques that will enable them to stay safe in the water on their own. They must also acquire the strength and confidence to allow them to swim independently, which takes practice and repetition.

We recommend that older students who are able to swim on their own attend for at least 8 days or more of lessons depending on their swim goals.These students tend to learn skills more quickly, but need to develop the stamina and strength necessary to swim for longer periods of time. In addition, these swimmers tend to focus on more refined techniques, and consecutive lessons can help them build upon these skills more successfully.

It is also important to note that results are amplified when the weeks of lessons are back-to-back. Just as with most activities in life, the longer break you take, the more time it takes to readjust. When students attend for subsequent weeks, they do not have to waste any time relearning the techniques and readjusting to the format. This helps to build muscle memory very quickly, which allows for more progress.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that swimming is a lifelong sport. Much like other complex activities, there are many skills and techniques to learn, and these cannot be mastered in just a few weeks or even an entire summer. Our goal at Farnsworth Swim School is to help our students progress and become more skilled, confident swimmers during the time they spend with us.

We are a swim school that consists of 9 levels from absolute beginner to advanced & ages 1-adult. Each summer there is more to learn and if someone starts with us at age 1 and comes every summer, they typically go up to 15/16 years old if they are wanting to master all 6 strokes. In the upper levels we teach stroke refinement, endurance building skills, swim team tips and life guard lead up skills.

Marianne Farnsworth and Water Safety

Marianne Farnsworth and Water Safety

Today is my mom, Marianne Farnsworth’s birthday and she would be turning 78! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! This is my 11th year carrying on her legacy by running the Farnsworth Swim School that started in 1980 in our family home in Almaden on Elwood Ct. I miss her terribly and I still feel her in my heart daily.
Since it’s my mom’s birthday, I wanted to share one of the multitude of ways she has touched the lives of so many. A special aspect of having the swim school at Steve & Winnie Pagan’s is that they knew my mom personally and both of their children have gone through our whole program from the time they were 1 yrs- 16 yrs old.  At the core of the Farnsworth Swim School is water safety and my mom always made sure it was integrated into the swim curriculum. She taught the Pagan’s daughter, Nicole to roll over on her back/ and or tread water if she ever fell in the pool for water safety.
Later on when Nicole was 3 yrs old, she was at a winter party and had slipped out of the house unnoticed and she actually fell into the pool. She survived because she learned treading water from my mom. I remember both Steve and Winnie coming over to our house in tears and thanking my mom profusely for saving their daughter’s life. This is one of the many touching stories that I remember about my mom. She touched the lives of so many and continues to do so today with her legacy. I feel honored to be her daughter and to be carrying on her legacy!

Treading Water for Water Safety

The Power of Treading Water for Water Safety

I have always loved treading water for not only water safety, but it helps me get in amazing shape! Why is it important to learn to tread water?   

One of the most important skills we teach at the Farnsworth Swim School is how to tread water. Treading water is the ability to keep your head above water while swimming in an upright position. This skill is not only essential for more advanced athletes and water polo players, but it is key for basic water safety.

If the need arises, it is important to be able to swim in place without expending too much energy. In an emergency, this would be an ideal skill to utilize until help arrives. Treading water is a huge part of water safety.

Even our youngest swimmers are able to learn how to tread water! In the most basic form, we teach our swimmers to bicycle their legs while moving their hands back and forth. Treading water can be especially useful for young children since it is easy to learn and can help them stay safe in the water. 

It’s also a great confidence booster for swimmers of any age. If you know that you’re able to stay safe in deep water, you’re more likely to feel calm and capable in the pool. It also helps swimmers conquer their fear of the “deep end” once they know that they will be able to stay afloat without much effort.

No matter your age, treading water is a great way to stay safe in the water while using minimal energy.

Crying is normal

At the Farnsworth Swim School, we believe that the younger that children learn to swim, the better. We start as young as 1 yrs old. Swimming is like learning a language. The younger you learn, the easier it is and the more likely you are to master it. When babies are in the womb, they are in the water comfortably. Therefore, learning to swim is a natural next step.

The longer that parents waits without any exposure to the water, the more fear can set in. Crying is completely natural part of the process as well. We recommend that parents step outside if it seems like a distraction. Some of our best swimmers over the last 35 yrs cried for 2-3 weeks when they were young and are now swimming triathlons.

Even when they are crying, they are still learning and although it may seem like baby steps, it’s better than waiting. Waiting does a disservice to the child. They are actually learning a great deal and usually on the 4th or 5th day of an 8 day session, they stop crying and are more comfortable. As a result, they are ready to take huge leaps! I recommend a minimum of 8 days & even better 3 weeks!

We teach all levels at the Farnsworth Swim School from beginning to advanced, including adults, triathletes and stroke refinement for swim team.

Does my child still need to take lessons while they are on the swim team?

Yes! At the Farnsworth Swim School, we teach all levels of swimming and are highly skilled at coaching swim team members. Swimmers tend to believe that once on the swim team, they’ll get all their needs met and learn everything about swimming. In fact, not much 1-on-1 instruction takes place on swim teams; the focus is on speed, not form. At the Farnsworth Swim School, our stroke clinic aids students in refining their form, mastering flip turns and racing dives, and more. Students improve by leveraging their strength to swim faster with less effort and more energy.

Our Beautiful Location!

We are happy to announce that we will be continuing swim lessons at the same location as last year in Almaden Valley! The address is 6132 Corte de La Reina San Jose, CA 95120 off of Redmond and Meridian. We look forward to swimming with you this summer and helping you improve your strokes!

Acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu Services

I offer acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu services for primarily people with cancer, including children.
I offer 1 on 1 sessions, which are 1 hr long.  An adult receives a session for 1 hr and during the last 10 min, I teach them potent energy points that they can do on themselves to promote overall, well-being and minimized side-effects of cancer. A child receives a session for about 45 min and for the last 10-15 min, I teach the parent healing tools that they can walk away with to use on their child to continue the healing process and feel better during cancer.
I also offer workshops, which teach “hands on” healing tools for cancer patients and their caregiver and workshops for parents of children with cancer. Some of the benefits of 1 on 1 sessions are as follows:
  • Strengthening the immune system, which increases white blood cells and increases well-being.
  • Reducing side-effects of all stages of cancer (onset of diagnosis, during and after chemo and remission).
  • Helping one absorb medication and digest food, insomnia, depression, increasing mental clarity, and balancing the emotions.
During the workshops, I teach cancer patients and their caregivers as well as parents of children with cancer ( separate workshop)”hands on” healing tools that reduce the side-effects of cancer (the above side-effects), meditation tools that alleviate stress during cancer (mental, spiritual, and emotional) and nutrition that teaches one how to increase healthy cells through a healthy diet.
Acupressure is from China and releases endorphins or the “feel good” hormones from the body, which leave the person feeling balanced, energized, and joyful! Jin Sin Jyutsu is from Japan and is similar to acupressure and is called a physio philosophy, which means the art of knowing yourself. The hands are called the jumper cables and by jumper cabling the body through touch of potent energy points, one is able to tap more deeply into who they are. As a result, the person’s well-being is re-aligned.
My next class is The 3 Keys to Optimal Health While Living With Cancer: Acupressure/ Jin Shin Jyutsu, Meditation, and Nutrition.
Next class date is: 8/4 from 6-8pm at the wellness community in Mountain View.
Contact me via our contact form to learn more.

Summer 2018 Session Schedule

Session 1 (4Day): June 4-7th (M-TH)
Session 2 (5 Day): June 11-15th (M-Fr)
Session 3 (8 Day): June 18-21 & June 25-28th (M-TH 2wks)

**BREAK** July 2-6th for 4th of July

Session 4 (5 Day): July 7/13
Session 5 (8 Day): July 16-19 & July 23-26th (M-TH 2 wks)
Session 6 (8 Day): July 30-Aug 2 & August 6-9th (M-TH 2 wks)

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