Private Swim Lessons

We offer private swim lessons.

Accelerated Swim Training through Private Lessons.

Our private swim lessons are optimal for learning to swim faster than group lessons because the student receives 1 on 1 specialized instruction that is taylored to their needs. Each day the student improves dramatically! If you are tired of group lessons and want to invest in the success of your child, we’re the right school for you!

In our multiple 30 minute private swim lesson format, you’ll improve your strokes and learn to swim after five lessons. You’ll also learn about water safety while having fun!

The Farnsworth swim school has been running for 30 years in Almaden Valley and was started by Marianne Farnsworth who passed away in 2007.

We successfully train all levels from beginner to advanced including:
  • Specialize in water safety for young children
  • Offer stroke and time improvement for swim team competitors
  • Train in pre-lifeguarding for teens who want to become a lifeguard
  • Experience with special needs swimmers
  • Red cross certifications
Private swim lessons are taught in the San Jose / Willow Glenn areas at a beautiful private swimming pool. Specific location details will be sent with welcome materials upon class registration.
Follow this link to register for private swim lessons.

Administrative Address: 2300 Lakeshore Ave. #1, Oakland, CA, 94606
Phone – (415) 672-0219